Plan E is a program dedicated to finding and equipping the next generation of Canadian youth with the tools, resources and platforms to champion and solve global climate issues.

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At Plan E, we believe that stories hold the power to inspire action. Here are some of the stories we received from Canadian youth through our first initiative, The Plan E Climate Video Challenge.

Dear Canadians

A film by Talia Yawney.

Title: Dear Canadians

Participants Name: Talia Yawney

Age: 16 years old

Location: Guelph, ON, Canada


Dear Canadians was chosen as the winner of the Plan E Climate Video Challenge. This film is written from the perspective of Mother Earth as she narrates a letter for all Canadians. Her letter discusses current issues regarding the environment such as the statistics about Canada warming twice as fast as the average rate of global warming and Canada's relationship with the industry despite the recent declaration of a national state of climate emergency. This film calls Canadians to protect the environment for future generations and to open their eyes to the effects of climate change in their home country and abroad.

Take Action!

A film by Evie Murray and Amelie Gamble.

Title: Take Action!

Participants Name: Evie Murray and Amelie Gamble

Age: 11 years old

Location: Waterloo, ON, Canada


This film captures Evie and Amelie interviewing members of their community about their thoughts on climate change. The video ends with them sharing an important lesson around climate action!